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What a Start To The Season
Connor's Pub 5 - 7 (Winner)
Pat Flynn's 2 - 9

Connors Posts First Win as Club League Commences
Lake Sullivan Pitch
What a great way to start the new year....

Flynn's had Connor's against the ropes going into half, but Connor's replied "don't call it a comeback" after they pushed hard to begin the season with a "W".

There were quite a few new players on the pitch this game, and they deserve a pat on the back for their tenacious play. Although both teams had emotions running high with moments of frustration, this was the first game after a long winter, and all should be proud of their efforts.

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Charles Anderson           1                
Tim Boyll                     2      
Brian Church4         1         1      
Betsy Kitchell                            
Sam Hughes                            
Ryan Irving                            
Louis Landman1         1         3      
Rudy Nehrling           1         4      
Brogan Sheedy           3         1      
Woody White                            

Peter Baird           5                
Phil Barszczowski           2                
Bethany Boardman                            
Drew Calvert2                          
Kyle Griffith                     1      
Andrew Hambrick                            
Peter Mackey           2                
Dave Maish                     2      
Jordan Novick                     1      
Jonathan Tobin