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Flynn's Gets the Old Firm Victory
Connor's Pub 6 - 12
Pat Flynn's 6 - 13 (Winner)

The Two Oldest Teams in Indianapolis Met for a Battle to the Last Second
On a sunny day in June, the two oldest club teams in Indianapolis met for the first time this year in a heated battle. Both teams had one win going into this match, and the competition showed just how hard it is to win a match in Indianapolis. Going into the match, Pat Flynn's was already dealing with off-the-pitch issues of attendance. Goal-keeper Brian Chernish, made a questionable priority choice on Sunday when he chose to be in the hospital for the birth of his first child, over playing hurling. Russ Hochstedler also made a priority choice, choosing employment over hurling. Both players were missed, however Flynn's was able to triumph without the leader of their defense or part of their legs on offense.
             The game started off with a bang, as Flynns' Tim Cabeen put a point over the bar within 30 seconds of the throw-in. From there, it was a back and forth battle between the two teams for the next 25 minutes as Connor's went into the half with a 3-07 lead over Flynn's 2-05. However the controversy would only begin from this point, as question was raised to Connors' third goal was in question. Both captains and officials met and it was decided that the goal was actually a point, and the score was changed 2-08 to 2-05 going into the half.
             The change in score gave a much needed boost to the Flynn's offense, as the equalizer was scored within a minute of the second half starting. However Connor's would not be easily broken, and Eoghan Reade put a brilliant goal into the back of the net giving Connor's the lead again. From there Connors put two more goals. However Flynn's refused to be beaten and answered back with two goals of their own. A second controversial call came into question, when a high ball hit a secondary post and bounced into goal. This was originally called a goal, but referee Phil Barszczowski over-ruled the call, saying it was a point by hitting the secondary and out of play bar. Flynn's was quick to strike back and equalized the match at 6-12 on both sides. A foul was made by Connors at the center line in the last seconds of play. Team captain Christopher Cox stepped up to take the free and put it over the bar and the final whistle was called. It was a heated day, however both teams played an excellent and fierce match. Connor's will get a chance at payback next week when they play each other again in round five of the Indianapolis league. This will be a match not to miss!

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Todd Klemp                     2      
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Eoghan Reade1       152   1   1      
Patrick Rooney                     1      
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Heidar Thordarson3         3         1      
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David Albrecht                     1      
Tim Cabeen3         6                
Christopher Cox         111   1          
Jenna Curtis                            
Cody Hedges                     2      
Reid Kercheval2         3         1      
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