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Claddagh said, "Kiss This"!
Claddagh reclaimed the top spot in the pub league with a down-to-the-wire win over the Runnin' Rebels from Pogue's Run, handing Team Jacob its first loss of the summer. Claddagh was led in scoring by team captain and receipient of the Hack-A-Shaq strategy employed by every team in the league, Mr. Jody Peacock.  Superstar Duncan McCabe and burgeoning offensive powerhouse, Nick Morgan, both chipped in with a goal and three points each.    Defensive honors go to Jeremy Pugh for playing lock down defense on Motorin' Matt Lewis, who downright dominated Claddagh in the teams' first clash earlier this season, and Stephen Cox (Chris's taller, whiter, eskimo brother) for playing in beast mode all game long.  Team Jacob was led by none other than team namesake and current league scoring leader, Jacob Wilkes, who led all scorers with a nifty two goals and three points.  Nasty Nate Roberts also knocked in a goal and two points.  Kudos to Andrew Hambrick and Stephen Cox for also scoring a goal each for the other team.  Clearly, both hedged their bets by helping Pogue's beat the spread (pictures of postgame strippers and firecrackers bought with winnings coming soon).  Needless to say, s*** has gotten real and the race for the Quigley Cup has gotten a wee more interesting! Stay tuned hurling fans and googlers looking for crap related to Twilight...

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Tim Boyll                            
Richard Connolly           1         1      
Paul Flynn                            
Keith Healy                     1      
Ben Hewett                     1      
Mike Jones                            
Matt Lewis           1         1      
Jennifer Masoni                            
Shawn McCarthy                            
Josh McMillin                            
Jimmy Pepper           2                
Nate Roberts1         2                
Kasey Samson                            
Reid Smith           1                
Shelby Sutterfield                            
Brian Thomas1                          
Woody White                            
Jacob Wilkes2         3         1      

Jeff Bennett1         2                
Biship Blake                            
Alex Chesterfield                            
Stephen Cox                            
Mike Dollinger                            
Robert Faenzi                            
Tim Fick                            
Andrew Hambrick                            
Ian Hutchinson                            
Ian Kaminsky                            
Peter Mackey                            
Duncan McCabe1         3                
Nick Morgan1         3         1      
Jody Peacock2         2         1      
Nick Phillips                     1      
Jeremy Pugh                     1      
Damian Sheridan                            
Barbara Soria