The Club Hurling
Football Camogie
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HealthSource stays healthy
Renners prepared for the match with some drills,
while HealthSource chatted the morning away.
Renners possesses speed and many skills;
they would fight hard to keep a loss at bay.

The ball was thrown in by a gentleman,
from here a furious battle began.
HealthSource carried out the perfect game plan-
score many points while working on your tan.

Renners put up a valiant fight that morn’.
But HealthSource quickly passed the ball around
with moves so smooth it was like hurling porn.
Every time Renners scored, HealthSource clamped down.

Now HealthSource has won three games in a row.
Can they make it four? Next week we will know.

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1. Ciaran Connery: think we've found our team scribe...!!

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Nick Wilson2         2                
Patrick Funk                            
Stephen Cox           31              
Thomas Kirkman                            
Thomas Roach                            
Tylyn Bremer                            

Amanda Reilly                            
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Brian Mathes                            
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Buck Shomo                            
Ciaran Connery           11              
Irene Lewis           1                
Jimmy Pepper3         4       1        
Keith Healy           31              
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Mark Loeser1         1                
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Tristan Chaplin