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League Archive
Smoking Iron Stitch Up the Seas.

Healthsource Defeats Smokers
HS In Pursuit of Trophy and Kegs.

Water Beats Fire Again
Rain puts out the smokers.

Dark Jerseys, Dark Words
Ironmen beat Gingermen

Smoking Iron Smelt of Victory?
Healthsource's Blouse Altered By Smoking Iron During Game Last Sunday

Healthsource – Early Bird Special

Vitruvian Men Defeat Mermen
Mermen are fish out of water - Trident is taken.

Remember The Gods
The rains bring terror upon the Wreckers

Slip & Slide To Victory...
Irish weather suits Healthsource...

It Got Moist

A Cut Above

Indoor Hurling League | Playoffs Recap
The Recap | Championship Week

Indoor Hurling League | Playoffs Recap
The Recap | Quarterfinals

Indoor Hurling League | Week 6 Recap
The Recap | Week 6

Indoor Hurling League | Week 5 Recap
The Recap | Week 5

Indoor Hurling League | Week 4 Recap
The Recap | Week 4

Indoor Hurling League | Week 3 Recap
The Recap | Week 3

Indoor Hurling League | Week 2 Recap
The Recap | Week 2

Indoor Hurling League | Week 1 Recap
The Recap | Week 1

Indy GAA Tournament Bracket
Final Results!!

Connor's Locks Up Top Spot
And Prove Too Much to Handle for Renner's Body Works

Purple is the New Gold
Connor's defeats HealthSource

70 + Years Of Ouch
Gingers Edge HealthSource In Tie Rematch

Connor's Gets Back on Track
By Defeating Claddagh

So Absent
Short On Players- Gingers Pull Off A Win

Upland Puts The League On Notice!

2014 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 7
Free Indy GAA Pint Glasses!!

HealthSource stays healthy

Connor's Wins Another Close Game!
Upland still waits for first win

2014 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 6
Half-way there! Mid-Season Report

Camogie Goalie Secures Win
Connor's defeats 2 Gingers in game of the year!

Comparisons to Lazarus’ comeback from that Sunday in March - 32 AD

2014 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 5
One soars above the rest!

Turn Down for What?
HealthSource vs. Claddagh

Pogues Speed Not Enough to Keep Pace
Connor’s Escapes with the Win

Ludlow Shaves Beard:
Leads Renners to Victory

Clash of the Titans!
Connor’s takes sole possession of 2nd place

A Classic Matchup
Claddagh vs Good Earth

Forever, and Ever. Wheymen
2 Gingers defeats Renner's

Connor’s Takes on HealthSource
After a long night at Connor’s

2014 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 2
There can only be one!

HealthSource battle 2 Gingers
and tie...

(500mg dose of high powered hurling action!)

Ludlow Points From Sideline
Makes Facebook Post

Upland and Good Earth
Have a Sister-Kissing Contest

Good Earth battles Connors
For Broad Ripple Bragging Rights

Renner's Muscles Its Way to Victory

Dear Diary, The Bas Was Fat
2 Gingers beats Claddagh - wk 1

Birds of a Feather
New Sponsor, Same Result

Claddagh Bark, but Forgot About the Bite
Connor's moves on the Shield Final

A Letter to Indy GAA

Connor's Avenges Loss
Recaptures "Old Firm" Honors

Rage Against the (Red) Machine

Blue Steel
Black Swan turns left, sends Healthsource off

Renner's tops Connors
Moves to 500 for First Time Since Week One


Return of the Irish helps Connor's win

Flynn's Squeaks Past Healthsource
Actually, it was more than a squeak

What just happened?

Flynn's Over Black Swan
They might be “Black” but they don’t have the green PEPPER

Pogues No Match For Flynns
Flynn's edge Pogues to continue their streak

The Sun Keeps Shining on Flynn's
The Old Firm meets for the first time this year

Flynn's Put Their First Win in the Books
No peace to be found between this tri-color affair


Renner's Beats Pogue's
No puns needed

Hurling League Preview
The race begins May 5th!

The Year of the Goose
Goose the Market Takes Quigley Cup for First Time in 4 Years

Flynn's Win's Again
The Mean Green Take Their 2nd Consecutive Shield Title

Championship Weekend
Summer hurling league concludes July 21

Photo Finish!
Amazing design of league draft leads to playoff parity

Geese nearly blow huge lead against Flynn's

Claddagh keeps rolling

Earth still Good, but Goose is better.
Defense brings Good Earth back down

Team Goose answer captain's call, easily dispatch Pogue's Run.

Claddagh said, "Kiss This"!

No Questions This Time
The Old Firm Met Again, This Time There Was No Controversy Over The Result

Indy’s Top Health Food Stores Meet
Fat and Cholesterol Cower in Fear

Flynn's Gets the Old Firm Victory
The Two Oldest Teams in Indianapolis Met for a Battle to the Last Second

Pogue's Wrecks Renner's
"A man marries to have a home, but also because he doesn't want to be bothered with sex and all that sort of thing." - W. Somerset Maugham

Kendrick's 3 goal outburst eggs Goose on to another victory.

Friday Night Without Light
Good Earth Scores on Final Play to take Game

Pogues Run Away with Flynn's Dignity

Connor's Gets First Win of Season

Claddagh must be health inspectors...

Geese go 2-0 on the day to remain undefeated-ish

Pogue's Run Tops Claddagh
Through Eyes of Someone Not There

Geese survive second half rally to keep Connor's winless.

(Not) The Game of the Century

Good Earth Survives the Wreckers
The Rivalry Continues as Good Earth Wins it in the 2nd Half

Goose and Pogues draw

Good Earth defeats Flynn's
Earthlings end Flynn's chance at 2-0 start for 2012 season

Orange Crush

Connor’s Pub Walk Onto Pitch Shoe-Less
Pogue’s Run Away With Win

Flynn's Starts the League Off Right

Flynn's is Back, Greener and Meaner

Defending their Honor

Sky the Limit for Goose
Goose feeling the need - the need for speed

2011/12 Indoor League Rolls On
Indoor Matches Have Yet to Disappoint

Indoor League Play - Week 2
Nothing Like a Little Pre-Thanksgiving Hurling

2011 Indoor League Kicks Off
The Race for the Smoking Iron Cup is on!

Earthlings Advance
Good Earth finally figures out Goose

Orange Crush

First day of playoffs produces divine win for Pat Flynn's Pub

Claddagh cruises into semifinal
Flynn’s can’t keep up with Claddagh’s balanced attack

Third Time's a Charm for Connor's
Connor's beats Paddy's to move into next round of the playoffs

Good Earth Rolls!
Good Earth Earns First Ever Playoff Victory!

Flynn's Still the Loser

It ends as it began
Claddagh finishes off Flynn’s capping unbeaten regular season

What Can Brown Do For You?
Earthlings wrap up season with a win

Goose beats Connors

Wreckers spay, neuter Black Dogs; Bob Barker signals approval.

Goose Drops Load on Flynns
Of goals, that is

Horseshoes and hand grenades…
Connor’s comes close but falls to Claddagh

Goose outscores Good Earth

Paddy’s can’t piddle on Claddagh parade

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Brien Scores On Sideline Cut
Trick shot puts win in perspective

Renner's all Smashed UP!

Claddagh gooses Renner's
New recruits help Orange send off the “Joshua-‘tree” in style

Connor's Pours it On
Maroon 20 keeps the statisticians busy

Goose Sends Hounds Back to the Pound

Good Earth outlasts Flynn's
Ladies lead the comeback

Jacob Goes Bananas
The Fast One leads Connor's past - way past - Renner's

Connors v. Paddy's

Good Earth draws with Claddagh

Awkward moment ensues when someone mentions that "Flynn's" rhymes with "wins"

Second verse, same as the first
Claddagh spoils Goose's bid for revenge

Good Earth gets revenge against Paddy's

Connor's Gets Offensive
Once a defensive giant, the Broadsiders are stepping up their O

A gansey load of goals.

Claddagh cooks Goose to remain unbeaten

Good Earth wins its second on day

A close shave.

Good Earth Gets a Win

Connor's can't catch Claddagh

Goose Streaks by Flynn's

Goose Outlasts Good Earth

Claddagh beats Beagles

Renner's edges Connor's in thrilling slugfest

Renner's wins!
Wreckers Handle Flynn's in Family Feud

Beagles on the Howl
The Good Earth Make Moms Sad

Claddagh Make Good Earth Not So Good
The Awesome Orange Tie Paddy at Top of Standings

Paddy's Wack Connor's
Connor's Goes Down

Goose Craps On Cars
Renners suffers loss in two teams' first meeting

Good Earth v Pat Flynn's
Good Earth makes statement

Connor's Opens Season With A Win

Keeping up with the Claddashians-Part 2
Renner’s runs out of gas against high-octane Orange

Claddagh makes a statement
Flynn’s drops season opener to the Orange Crush

Paddy Plucks His Goose
Men in Black win opening game

What Just Happened?
The game that nobody could remember.

Not Today!
Claddagh lose the Superbowl, but win the trophy...

Done and Donerer
Connors' win ends season, Brockway flops again

Claddagh wins Quigley Cup!
Connor’s comeback falls short as Claddagh makes history

Not a win, but not a loss either.
A Cool Colored Match Up Ends In A Draw

Sweet Victory a l’Orange
Brockway can’t spoil Claddagh’s appetite for a championship

Keeping up with the Claddashians
Claddagh cancels Flynn’s double feature in ‘Pine/Cone’ conflict

Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object
Connors Pub and Goose the Market Match Ends in Draw

First Out, Brockway...
Indianapolis Vuvuzela Philharmonic Angered By Hurling Matches Breaking Out During Concerts

Goose Strafes Brockway

The Drought Is Over
Pat Flynn's edges last years champions to end their four game losing streak.

Episode II: Attack of the Cones
Claddagh blows up Brockway in blockbuster sequel

You kiss your sister with that mouth?
Goose goes winless vs. Claddagh in 2010 as re-rematch ends in draw

Sunny With 100% Chance of Purple Reign
“Evil empire” falls further down as “reigning champs” rise up

Sometimes Less is More
Depleted Flynn's team forfeits, then dominates

Cinderella Wears Fuzzy Orange Slippers
Claddagh avenges early loss to Connor’s, sits alone atop league

Brockway Goosed
Least said, soonest mended.

Real Men Wear Purple
Connor's escorts Flynn's back to last place

From Worst to First
Claddagh edges Flynn’s to become first team to sweep doubleheader

Brockway 4-13, Connor's 4-8
Brockway Bounces Back By Beating Broadsiders

Goose winged by Claddagh
Orange Crush Too Much for Goose

Goose Still Flying High

Once and Future Kings
Broadsiders oust Claddagh to get back to first place

Green Machine

Alive and Well

Back in Black

Team Goose Takes Flight

Flynns Wins!!!

Brockway Opens Week 2 With Win
Overwhelm Newcomers Claddagh for Second Win of the Year

Claddagh Wins Inaugural Match

Connors Declares Open Season on Goose

Brockway Stuns Flynn's to kick off 2010
Rain-soaked fields couldn't keep the All-Blacks from finding the nets

Connor’s Sweeps Day, Clinches Fall Title
Knocks off Brockway, depleted Goose to continue ’09 success

Fall League Blasts Off
Three teams collide as hurling action reignited for fall

Thrice as Nice
Flynn's proves they can beat Brockway 3 times in one day

Connor's and Goose Draw in Title Game
Broadsiders win 2009 league championship trophy

It Was A Great Game For Flynn's
How great a game was it? Here's how:

Connor's Ends Brockway's Chances
Broadsiders control their own destiny; Brockway out of championship contention

Malarkey and Migraines

Back To The Future
Connor's poised to prove themselves team of tomorrow

Wild Goose Chase

Off is from Venus, Def is from Mars
Flynn's vs Connor's

Much Anticipated Rematch
Brockway avenges loss to Connors

Flynns Defeats Goose In An Epic Battle
Shorthanded Goose Team Plays Hard

D is for Connor's
Connor's team leaning on defense in wins

Goose Wins With Offensive Onslaught
Depleted Brockway squad no match for scoring barrage

Connor's v Pat Flynn's
Week 4

Newbie Kyle Finding His Stride
Flynn's promising half-back steadily improving

Comeback Kids
Connors establishing itself as second-half team

Connor's v. Goose the Market
Week 3

Brockway Wins!
Team posts first win at the expense of Pat Flynn's

Lucky Goose
Connor's suffers its first loss of the season at Riverside Park

Down To the Wire
Week 2

Connor's v. Goose the Market
Week 3

Flynn's wins in final minute

Down To The Wire
Connor's pulls ahead in second half for win

Goose begins their defense of title

What a Start To The Season
Connors Posts First Win as Club League Commences

Thank You Colin
Colin Conlon resigns as head coach

Pino Gelato Victorious in West Lafayette
Indy Hurling enjoys another close Purdue match