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 0 > Jagermeister (7 - 2)
Triton held goal-less
The Smoking Iron hurling squad started out their 2016 campaign with a bang. It was hard to tell if they were motivated by the desire to get out of the cold or to prove the incredibly ill-advised “Swami” wrong.

Smoking Iron chose to go against the wind to begin the game, hoping to stave off enough of the Triton attack to stay within striking distance. They surpassed their own optimism by taking the lead in the first half with the help of a furious mid-field team of Barnhart, Riley, Howensteine, and Gail (Attorneys at Law). The backline was fortified by the ever skillful Chernish in goal and the help of Kaminsky and Mickleson, all three doing a great job of containing Cody Hedges and Cullen ‘Red-Eye’ Riley (it’s like pink eye but much worse...

Rain puts out the smokers.

Misting and rains came down that day

As Triton and Iron came out to play

Both were worn out, tired, and sweaty

But for the game? Both were ready.


Other News
Dark Jerseys, Dark Words
Ironmen beat Gingermen

Smoking Iron Smelt of Victory?
Healthsource's Blouse Altered By Smoking Iron During Game Last Sunday

Healthsource – Early Bird Special

Vitruvian Men Defeat Mermen
Mermen are fish out of water - Trident is taken.

Remember The Gods
The rains bring terror upon the Wreckers

Slip & Slide To Victory...
Irish weather suits Healthsource...

It Got Moist
Jillian Beyke
Tylyn Bremer
Sam Dougherty
Tyler Gail
Dylan Harmison
Taylor Howenstine
Omar Khairy
Marc Kupfer
Josh Lane
Danny Lemmink
Tim Lilla
Eamonn McGilloway
Jason Mulvey
Jimmy Pepper
Trevor Pike
Jeremy Pugh
Judi Quigley
Brogan Sheedy
Adam Speer
Alec Thompson
Chris Thompson
Alex Walker
Nick Wilson
Team Trends
Rank: #1
Record: 7 - 2
Goals per game: 2.7
Points per game: 9.2
Score per game: 17.2
Opponents goals per game: 1.3
Opponents points per game: 4.9
Opponents score per game: 8.9
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Eamonn McGilloway
Goals:  Jillian Beyke
Points:  Eamonn McGilloway
Blocks/hooks:  Trevor Pike
Captains:Brogan Sheedy
Adam Speer