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 0 > Renner's Body Works (3 - 9)
Rain puts out the smokers.

Misting and rains came down that day

As Triton and Iron came out to play

Both were worn out, tired, and sweaty

But for the game? Both were ready.


Ironmen beat Gingermen
          In the religion made famous by Game of Thrones, those that worship the Drowned God, have a saying, “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder, and stronger. The practitioners of this faith are known as the drowned men. They submit to intentional drowning, only to be revived. With this newfound life they seek to serve their lord by spreading their wave over the green lands. 

           It was with...
Other News
Smoking Iron Smelt of Victory?
Healthsource's Blouse Altered By Smoking Iron During Game Last Sunday

Healthsource – Early Bird Special

Vitruvian Men Defeat Mermen
Mermen are fish out of water - Trident is taken.

Remember The Gods
The rains bring terror upon the Wreckers

Slip & Slide To Victory...
Irish weather suits Healthsource...

It Got Moist

A Cut Above
Alex Bienz
Tylyn Bremer
Heather Broadley
Brian Carmien
Joel Dale
Benjamin Doyle
Matt Gramlich
Andrew Hambrick
Shannon Hiday
Hugh Kelly
Marc Kupfer
Chris Ludlow
Matt Mickelson
Chandler Moody
Luke Moriguchi
Judi Quigley
Allison Sublett
Alex Walker
Nick Wilson
Team Trends
Rank: #8
Record: 3 - 9
Goals per game: 2.9
Points per game: 7.2
Score per game: 15.9
Opponents goals per game: 4.9
Opponents points per game: 12.2
Opponents score per game: 27
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