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 0 > Renner's Body Works (5 - 7)
In an epic rematch of the slugfest fought during the season’s opening week, the Renner’s Body Works Wreckers attempted to topple the Upland Tap Room Brewmeisters for a second time this season. Unfortunately for Renner’s, Upland was determined to end their winless streak and came out strong against a Cody-less defense. With some bounces going their way for the first time during this 2014 Pub League season, Upland went up early with a lofty goal from midfield by Ian Hutchinson (2-2). While points were sprinkled around, a deep Renner’s goal by Stephen Cox (1-2) and a nifty Ty Bremer (2-0) handpass goal...
Renners prepared for the match with some drills,
while HealthSource chatted the morning away.
Renners possesses speed and many skills;
they would fight hard to keep a loss at bay.

The ball was thrown in by a gentleman,
from here a furious battle began.
HealthSource carried out the perfect game plan-
score many points while working on your tan.

Renners put up a valiant fight that morn’....
Other News
Monica Asher
Tylyn Bremer
Christopher Bungard
Alex Chesterfield
James Cody
Stephen Cox
Mike Dollinger
Patrick Funk
Matt Gramlich
Danny Jorgenson
Katherine Kendrick
Thomas Kirkman
Chris Ludlow
Mark McCabe
Matt Mickelson
Natasha Paul
Thomas Roach
Allison Sublett
Nick Wilson
Team Trends
Rank: #5
Record: 5 - 7
Goals per game: 3
Points per game: 10.4
Score per game: 19.4
Opponents goals per game: 3.8
Opponents points per game: 10
Opponents score per game: 21.5
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  James Cody
Goals:  Nick Wilson
Points:  James Cody
Blocks:  Christopher Bungard
Captains:Stephen Cox
Chris Ludlow