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 0 > Pogue's Run Grocer (8 - 3 - 1)
HealthSource vs. Claddagh

While we still don't know the exact answer to the question Lil' Jon has been yelling at us for the past few months, "Turn down for what?!?!," we do know what the answer is not. It is not Mother's Day. HealthSource does NOT "turn down" for Mother's Day. On the warmest day of the season, HealthSource and Claddagh met on the pitch with one goal in mind, to honor their moms by bringing home a Pub League Victory. HealthSource was able to bestow this honor on their mothers by earning their first...

Connor’s Escapes with the Win
“Man, Pogues is fast!” Those were the words uttered around the Connor’s huddle after the game. Connor’s had just survived another close game in what is quickly becoming one of the most exciting seasons in the history of Indianapolis GAA. The game started at 10 am, as Pogues were pleasantly surprised to see Tim Boyll return from a long trip just in time to play on Mother’s day. As the game began, Pogues speed was too much for Connor’s to handle...
Other News
Connor’s Takes on HealthSource
After a long night at Connor’s

HealthSource battle 2 Gingers
and tie...

Ludlow Points From Sideline
Makes Facebook Post

Dear Diary, The Bas Was Fat
2 Gingers beats Claddagh - wk 1

Return of the Irish helps Connor's win

Pogues No Match For Flynns
Flynn's edge Pogues to continue their streak

Renner's Beats Pogue's
No puns needed
David Albrecht
Jordan Anderson
Tim Boyll
Jake Cagle
Aidan Catellier
Austin Gilmore
William Jennings
Marc Kupfer
Mike Maley
Steve Mickelson
Erin Mulryan
Chris Munro
Nate Roberts
Ryan Sheridan
Adam Speer
Woody White
Jacob Wilkes
Courtney Yaggi
Hannah Zimmerman
Team Trends
Rank: #2
Record: 8 - 3 - 1
Goals per game: 4.4
Points per game: 11.8
Score per game: 25.1
Opponents goals per game: 3.6
Opponents points per game: 10
Opponents score per game: 20.8
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Jacob Wilkes
Goals:  Jacob Wilkes
Points:  Jacob Wilkes
Blocks:  Tim Boyll
Captains:Jacob Wilkes
Nate Roberts