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 0 > 2Gingers (7 - 3 - 2)
Short On Players- Gingers Pull Off A Win
Let me just preface by saying there were a lot of people missingin this one; must have been something in the air. Claddagh was without super-mid Duncan McCabe and the Gingers were without Cody Hedges, Jeremy Fagan, and the freshly injured Kyle Griffith(1).

It was a rough outing for both teams in this one as the game was played 10 v 10. But fortunately, Indy Hurling has yet to lose anyone to too much hurling… well the sport anyway. ...

Connor's defeats 2 Gingers in game of the year!
Newly formed 2 Gingers had taken Indy GAA by storm.  Through 5 weeks, 2 Gingers had looked almost unstoppable as they had quickly climbed up the leader board with a 3 win 2 tie record.  The only team standing above them was the 4 win 1 loss league originals, Connor's Pub.  On May 18, these two teams faced off for their only game during the 2014 season to decide who would secure the top seed heading into the mid-season Memorial bye week.  This game lived up to every expectation!
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Seth Andrews
Laura Barnhart
Phil Barszczowski
Brian Chernish
Joel Dale
Jeremy Fagan
Mehgen Flynn
Kyle Griffith
Cody Hedges
Tod Higbee
Mike Jamieson
Reid Kercheval
Shawn Kohrman
Stella Lacken
Dan Mathis
Nick Morgan
Kasey Samson
Catherine Thordarson
Nora Thordarson
Team Trends
Rank: #3
Record: 7 - 3 - 2
Goals per game: 5.4
Points per game: 9.2
Score per game: 25.5
Opponents goals per game: 3.8
Opponents points per game: 11.2
Opponents score per game: 22.5
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Jeremy Fagan
Goals:  Jeremy Fagan
Points:  Phil Barszczowski
Blocks:  Brian Chernish
Captains:Reid Kercheval
Phil Barszczowski