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 0 > Upland Tap House (2 - 8 - 2)
Upland still waits for first win
Based on the records and the Indy Pickem results, this game should have been over in the first five minutes.  But Upland, still waiting for its first win, continues to prove the parity in Indy GAA and showed that anyone can win on any given Sunday.  This was a warning to the top teams as the season moves towards the playoffs.

It was another perfect day for hurling at Eugene Burns Park.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, a small breeze was blowing, and the beer was chilling.  As rookie ref, Adam Speer (is there anything this kid can't do...
Comparisons to Lazarus’ comeback from that Sunday in March - 32 AD

Looks like HealthSource are doing their best imitation of a Lazarus-like comeback in this year’s hurling league, having just made it 2 wins on the bounce with a hard-fought, 4 point victory over Upland Brewery this past Sunday.

From the off, this game was back & forth. Upland took an early lead with a goal...

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Ethan Bremer
Tim Cabeen
Madeline Daily
Caitlin Dougherty
Sam Dougherty
Beth Ehrsam
Robert Faenzi
Andy Hazel
Ian Hutchinson
Kristin Johnson
Matt Lewis
Steve Lewis
David Littlejohn
Joshua McShane
Susan Beaurain
Matt Shirk
Ryan Solomon
Jonathan Tobin
Rudy West
Team Trends
Rank: #7
Record: 2 - 8 - 2
Goals per game: 4.5
Points per game: 10.2
Score per game: 23.8
Opponents goals per game: 4.5
Opponents points per game: 11
Opponents score per game: 24.5
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Matt Lewis
Goals:  Andy Hazel
Points:  Matt Lewis
Blocks:  Steve Lewis
Captains:Tim Cabeen
Sam Dougherty