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Connor's defeats HealthSource
Hoping to extend its streak of 5 weeks atop the Indy rankings,Connor's came out Sunday claiming that maroon and lime green can be crowned as easily as the royal blue that carried off the trophy last year. After cruising to a victory over the reincarnation of last year's champion Black Swan team, only a few fools were left with any doubt.*

Connor's was carried by rookie player Dave Riordan, who led all scorers with a line of 1-6...

By Defeating Claddagh
What a difference a year makes!  This time last year, Connor's had just begun a run of games to move up from the bottom of the table in time for playoffs.  One year later, Connor's was battling Claddagh to maintain their hold on the top seed with only four weeks until playoffs.  

After missing a week for injury, Connor's co-captain Dave Riordan surprised the other co-captain by strapping the helmet on and got ready to jump on the field...
Other News
Connor's Wins Another Close Game!
Upland still waits for first win

Camogie Goalie Secures Win
Connor's defeats 2 Gingers in game of the year!

Pogues Speed Not Enough to Keep Pace
Connor’s Escapes with the Win

Clash of the Titans!
Connor’s takes sole possession of 2nd place

Connor’s Takes on HealthSource
After a long night at Connor’s

(500mg dose of high powered hurling action!)

Good Earth battles Connors
For Broad Ripple Bragging Rights
Seth Bodden
Brian Church
Maureen Clark
Benjamin Doyle
Paul Earwood
Ian Heraty
Ben Kemp
zak kitchell
Louis Landman
Christy Lux
Jackie Maguire
Mike Melton
Nate O'Connor
Jessica Rhodes
Cullen Riley
Dave Riordan
Brien Shoemaker
Tom Sublett
Heidar Thordarson
Gauvin Walker
Team Trends
Rank: #1
Record: 9 - 3
Goals per game: 3.8
Points per game: 12
Score per game: 23.5
Opponents goals per game: 2.8
Opponents points per game: 9.8
Opponents score per game: 18.2
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Dave Riordan
Goals:  Brian Church
Points:  Dave Riordan
Blocks:  Christy Lux
Captains:Heidar Thordarson
Dave Riordan