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 0 > HealthSource (4 - 6 - 2)
Gingers Edge HealthSource In Tie Rematch
It was a beautiful Father’s Day Sunday for this rematch fromearlier in the year that left a bad taste in both teams mouths, as it ended in a tie.

In true 2 Ginger's fashion this one would include scoring - and lots of it. Old timer Jeremy Fagan would find it in his old bones to score 2 goals and 4 points- leading the Gingers (1) in their charge. Also scoring would be Cody Hedges (0-3) from the back line and Philly Bars (2)...

Renners prepared for the match with some drills,
while HealthSource chatted the morning away.
Renners possesses speed and many skills;
they would fight hard to keep a loss at bay.

The ball was thrown in by a gentleman,
from here a furious battle began.
HealthSource carried out the perfect game plan-
score many points while working on your tan.

Renners put up a valiant fight that morn’....
Other News
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HealthSource battle 2 Gingers
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A Letter to Indy GAA
Kelsey Alcorn
Austin Butterfield
Tristan Chaplin
Ciaran Connery
Keith Healy
Loren Horan
Irene Lewis
Mark Loeser
Peter Mackey
Mandy Maddamma
Trey Marcum
Brian Mathes
Jimmy Pepper
Brian Pugh
Amanda Reilly
Buck Shomo
Reid Smith
Tommy Smith
Mercer Suppiger
Shelby Sutterfield
Team Trends
Rank: #6
Record: 4 - 6 - 2
Goals per game: 3.2
Points per game: 10.8
Score per game: 20.2
Opponents goals per game: 3.5
Opponents points per game: 10.2
Opponents score per game: 20.7
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Jimmy Pepper
Goals:  Jimmy Pepper
Points:  Mark Loeser
Blocks:  Brian Mathes
Captains:Keith Healy
Ciaran Connery