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Roots of Indy GAA League
Indy's first games were informal and took place a few times each summer starting in 2002.  By 2006, actual league play had developed.  It was 2011 when the first playoffs were initiated.  The championship history of these early leagues is:

Champion History
2006: Flynn's
2007: Connor's
2008: Irish Lion (later became Goose)

Rain puts out the smokers.

Misting and rains came down that day

As Triton and Iron came out to play

Both were worn out, tired, and sweaty

But for the game? Both were ready.


Other News
Dark Jerseys, Dark Words
Ironmen beat Gingermen

Smoking Iron Smelt of Victory?
Healthsource's Blouse Altered By Smoking Iron During Game Last Sunday

Claddagh Bark, but Forgot About the Bite
Connor's moves on the Shield Final

Rage Against the (Red) Machine

Blue Steel
Black Swan turns left, sends Healthsource off

Return of the Irish helps Connor's win

Flynn's Over Black Swan
They might be “Black” but they don’t have the green PEPPER
Cynthia Albrecht
Tim Boyll
Jake Cagle
Peter Daum
Paul Flynn
Ian Heraty
Ben Hewett
Jose Hombre De Tierra
Natalie Johann
Nate Roberts
William Roche
Buck Shomo
Reid Smith
Cathal Tomas
Tania Heath
Woody White
Jacob Wilkes
Courtney Yaggi
Team Trends
Rank: #6
Record: 5 - 8
Goals per game: 3.9
Points per game: 10.5
Score per game: 22.3
Opponents goals per game: 4.5
Opponents points per game: 12.9
Opponents score per game: 26.3
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Jacob Wilkes
Goals:  Jacob Wilkes
Points:  Tim Boyll
Blocks:  Jose Hombre De Tierra
Captains:Nate Roberts
Jacob Wilkes