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 0 > Connor's Pub (5 - 9)
Rain puts out the smokers.

Misting and rains came down that day

As Triton and Iron came out to play

Both were worn out, tired, and sweaty

But for the game? Both were ready.


Connor's moves on the Shield Final

On a fairly cool and sunny Sunday day, two historic teams lined up on the field.  Claddagh had suffered a loss against the 2 year running Champion Runner-up Good Earth earlier that day.  Connor's had lost in heartbreaking fashion as another round of the injury bug cut an intense game against 2012 Champions, Black Swan, a little short.  Neither teams were ready to end their season and neither teams were ready to back down from the other. 

On the line...

Other News
Connor's Avenges Loss
Recaptures "Old Firm" Honors

Rage Against the (Red) Machine

Blue Steel
Black Swan turns left, sends Healthsource off

Renner's tops Connors
Moves to 500 for First Time Since Week One

Return of the Irish helps Connor's win

What just happened?

Flynn's Over Black Swan
They might be “Black” but they don’t have the green PEPPER
Michael Carney
Charles Coonce
Caitlin Dougherty
Patrick Funk
Russ Hochstedler
Kyle Keesling
John Koren
Ryan Littrell
Brian Mathes
Eoghan Reade
Dave Riordan
Amanda Roche
Kasey Samson
Brien Shoemaker
Shelby Sutterfield
Catherine Thordarson
Heidar Thordarson
Nora Thordarson
Team Trends
Rank: #7
Record: 5 - 9
Goals per game: 4.1
Points per game: 9.9
Score per game: 22.4
Opponents goals per game: 6
Opponents points per game: 11
Opponents score per game: 29
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Eoghan Reade
Goals:  Eoghan Reade
Points:  Dave Riordan
Blocks:  Brian Mathes