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 0 > Claddagh Irish Pub (3 - 10 - 1)
Rain puts out the smokers.

Misting and rains came down that day

As Triton and Iron came out to play

Both were worn out, tired, and sweaty

But for the game? Both were ready.


Ironmen beat Gingermen
          In the religion made famous by Game of Thrones, those that worship the Drowned God, have a saying, “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder, and stronger. The practitioners of this faith are known as the drowned men. They submit to intentional drowning, only to be revived. With this newfound life they seek to serve their lord by spreading their wave over the green lands. 

           It was with...
Other News
Smoking Iron Smelt of Victory?
Healthsource's Blouse Altered By Smoking Iron During Game Last Sunday

Claddagh Bark, but Forgot About the Bite
Connor's moves on the Shield Final

Connor's Avenges Loss
Recaptures "Old Firm" Honors

Rage Against the (Red) Machine

Blue Steel
Black Swan turns left, sends Healthsource off

Renner's tops Connors
Moves to 500 for First Time Since Week One

Return of the Irish helps Connor's win
Jeff Bennett
Tylyn Bremer
Klynt Brummett
Andy Hazel
Kristin Johnson
Ian Kaminsky
Matt Kory
Matt Lewis
Steve Lewis
Duncan McCabe
Sean McGill
Laura Norfleet
Dominic Oloizia
Lorraine O'Shea
Jeremy Pugh
Michael Spellmeyer
Gary Sweeney Jr
Joe Witkowski
Team Trends
Rank: #8
Record: 3 - 10 - 1
Goals per game: 4.4
Points per game: 7.5
Score per game: 20.8
Opponents goals per game: 5.7
Opponents points per game: 11.1
Opponents score per game: 28.3
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Duncan McCabe
Goals:  Duncan McCabe
Points:  Duncan McCabe
Blocks:  Klynt Brummett
Captains:Jeremy Pugh