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Geese nearly blow huge lead against Flynn's
Eugene Burns Field
Prior to Goose the Market taking the field against Pat Flynn’s during Week 7 of the Indy Hurling Club’s summer pub league, a Goose player was overheard remarking, “This ain’t your grandpa’s Flynn’s team”. Flynn’s, last year’s pub league resident cellar dweller, has built on the momentum of winning last year’s Shield Championship and now fields a team capable of not only competing with the best teams in the league, but winning as well. The new Flynn’s was put to the test against league leading Goose in the second match of the day for both squads on Sunday...
It was the second time Claddagh and Pat Flynns came together this season, ending with a very similar result as the first. The defending champs, Claddagh, came out swinging and matched every run Flynns made with a run of their own.
Claddagh, in an attempt to confuse and bewilder Flynns played superstar forward Jody Peacock in goal the entire game, but Flynns quickly adjusted. The Orangemen started the game firing on all cylinders getting out to a quick start. However, the Mean Green wouldn't go down without a fight. They put together a rally that brought the team back within three before halftime (including a beautiful goal off a penalty by team captain Chris Cox). The question going into the second half was how would Claddagh respond...
Other News
Claddagh said, "Kiss This"!

No Questions This Time
The Old Firm Met Again, This Time There Was No Controversy Over The Result

Flynn's Gets the Old Firm Victory
The Two Oldest Teams in Indianapolis Met for a Battle to the Last Second

Kendrick's 3 goal outburst eggs Goose on to another victory.

Pogues Run Away with Flynn's Dignity

Claddagh must be health inspectors...

Pogue's Run Tops Claddagh
Through Eyes of Someone Not There
David Albrecht
Tim Cabeen
Brian Chernish
Christopher Cox
Jenna Curtis
Madeline Daily
Katie Edwards
Cody Hedges
Russ Hochstedler
Kyle Keesling
Reid Kercheval
Irene Lewis
Steve Lewis
Ryan Littrell
Todd Scrime
Buck Shomo
Courtney Spurgeon
Jonathan Tobin
Team Trends
Rank: #5
Record: 6 - 9
Goals per game: 3.6
Points per game: 7.3
Score per game: 18.1
Opponents goals per game: 3.9
Opponents points per game: 10.1
Opponents score per game: 21.9
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Tim Cabeen
Goals:  Tim Cabeen
Points:  Reid Kercheval
Blocks:  Brian Chernish
Captains:Christopher Cox
Tim Cabeen