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The Mean Green Take Their 2nd Consecutive Shield Title
If you are looking for an example of resilience, look no further than Pat Flynn's. Last year the boys (and girls) in green entered the playoffs without a single win. Then, after falling to the final elimination game within the shield bracket, and a little bit of prayer, the team rose up to take the shield championship.

Flynn's then carried the momentum of their cup win over into this year's league, posting a much stronger record. After a dissapointing match in the quarter-finals, Flynn's once again found themselves in the shield bracket finals, against Connor's Pub...
It was the second time Claddagh and Pat Flynns came together this season, ending with a very similar result as the first. The defending champs, Claddagh, came out swinging and matched every run Flynns made with a run of their own.
Claddagh, in an attempt to confuse and bewilder Flynns played superstar forward Jody Peacock in goal the entire game, but Flynns quickly adjusted. The Orangemen started the game firing on all cylinders getting out to a quick start. However, the Mean Green wouldn't go down without a fight. They put together a rally that brought the team back within three before halftime (including a beautiful goal off a penalty by team captain Chris Cox). The question going into the second half was how would Claddagh respond...
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Team Trends
Rank: #4
Record: 9 - 6
Goals per game: 3.5
Points per game: 9.3
Score per game: 19.9
Opponents goals per game: 3
Opponents points per game: 6.7
Opponents score per game: 15.7
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