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It was the second time Claddagh and Pat Flynns came together this season, ending with a very similar result as the first. The defending champs, Claddagh, came out swinging and matched every run Flynns made with a run of their own.
Claddagh, in an attempt to confuse and bewilder Flynns played superstar forward Jody Peacock in goal the entire game, but Flynns quickly adjusted. The Orangemen started the game firing on all cylinders getting out to a quick start. However, the Mean Green wouldn't go down without a fight. They put together a rally that brought the team back within three before halftime (including a beautiful goal off a penalty by team captain Chris Cox). The question going into the second half was how would Claddagh respond? The answer: Jeff Bennett. 
The crafty forward led all scores with 3 goals and 3 points...
Claddagh reclaimed the top spot in the pub league with a down-to-the-wire win over the Runnin' Rebels from Pogue's Run, handing Team Jacob its first loss of the summer. Claddagh was led in scoring by team captain and receipient of the Hack-A-Shaq strategy employed by every team in the league, Mr. Jody Peacock.  Superstar Duncan McCabe and burgeoning offensive powerhouse, Nick Morgan, both chipped in with a goal and three points each.    Defensive honors go to Jeremy Pugh for playing lock down defense on Motorin' Matt Lewis...
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Kelly Barnes
Klynt Brummett
Jake Cagle
Caitlin Dougherty
Loren Horan
Betsy Kitchell
Todd Klemp
Brian Mathes
Eoghan Reade
Patrick Rooney
Brien Shoemaker
Catherine Thordarson
Heidar Thordarson
Hjalti Thordarson
Nora Thordarson
Jaca Vukovic
Matthew Willey
Team Trends
Rank: #6
Record: 2 - 12
Goals per game: 2.6
Points per game: 6.9
Score per game: 14.9
Opponents goals per game: 5.1
Opponents points per game: 12.8
Opponents score per game: 28
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Eoghan Reade
Goals:  Eoghan Reade
Points:  Eoghan Reade
Blocks:  Brian Mathes