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 0 > Claddagh Irish Pub (11 - 3)
Roots of Indy GAA League
Indy's first games were informal and took place a few times each summer starting in 2002.  By 2006, actual league play had developed.  It was 2011 when the first playoffs were initiated.  The championship history of these early leagues is:

Champion History
2006: Flynn's
2007: Connor's
2008: Irish Lion (later became Goose)

The Mean Green Take Their 2nd Consecutive Shield Title
If you are looking for an example of resilience, look no further than Pat Flynn's. Last year the boys (and girls) in green entered the playoffs without a single win. Then, after falling to the final elimination game within the shield bracket, and a little bit of prayer, the team rose up to take the shield championship.

Flynn's then carried the momentum of their cup win over into this year's league, posting a much stronger record...
Other News
Claddagh keeps rolling

Claddagh said, "Kiss This"!

No Questions This Time
The Old Firm Met Again, This Time There Was No Controversy Over The Result

Flynn's Gets the Old Firm Victory
The Two Oldest Teams in Indianapolis Met for a Battle to the Last Second

Friday Night Without Light
Good Earth Scores on Final Play to take Game

Connor's Gets First Win of Season

Claddagh must be health inspectors...
Jeff Bennett
Biship Blake
Alex Chesterfield
Stephen Cox
Mike Dollinger
Robert Faenzi
Tim Fick
Andrew Hambrick
Ian Hutchinson
Ian Kaminsky
Peter Mackey
Duncan McCabe
Nick Morgan
Jody Peacock
Nick Phillips
Jeremy Pugh
Damian Sheridan
Barbara Soria
Team Trends
Rank: #2
Record: 11 - 3
Goals per game: 4.9
Points per game: 10.7
Score per game: 25.3
Opponents goals per game: 2.9
Opponents points per game: 6.2
Opponents score per game: 15
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Jody Peacock
Goals:  Jody Peacock
Points:  Duncan McCabe
Blocks:  Andrew Hambrick
Captains:Jeremy Pugh