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Earthlings wrap up season with a win

The UPS man didn't even knock on Sunday when he dumped Renner's like a discarded box of truck parts at a recycling plant, waiting to be melted down into more useful material, eager for the pain of dejection to end.

That is to say, the men and women in brown took it to team Renner's in strong fashion this past week, ending their regular season on an emotionally gratifying win.  Six players scored for the Earthlings, who won the game from the air, dropping in points and occasional goals against guest goalie Mathes seemingly at will.

Renner's fought back with 5 different scorers of their own, and threatened to make a game of it in the second half.  Good Earth pulled away though, with the accurate pointing from 50 yards out the difference in the match.

Wreckers spay, neuter Black Dogs; Bob Barker signals approval.
In a match that mercifully featured a negligible amount of crotch sniffing and leg humping (although this reporter can’t account for what happened at afters), the Black Dogs of Paddy’s Legal Beagle were let off the leash in an attempt to chase the Wreckers of Team Renner’s back to the loss column for the second time this year.

In the earlier meeting between the clubs, Team Snoopy bared their teeth and mauled the hapless Wreckers in a lopsided affair that sent Renner’s back to the garage with more damage than any reasonable person could expect a freaking Beagle to inflict on, well, pretty much anything.  Heading into the second match, the odds still seemed to be in Paddy’s favor:...

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A gansey load of goals.

Good Earth wins its second on day

Renner's edges Connor's in thrilling slugfest
Phil Barszczowski
Tim Boyll
Colin Conlon
Katie Edwards
Matthew Glasheen
Jim Hertel
Jared Hoff
Teddy Hucks
Mike Jamieson
Donna Kelly
Betsy Kitchell
Irene Lewis
Dave Maish
Sean McGill
Brian Scott
Adam Shaw
Buck Shomo
Jonathan Tobin
Team Trends
Rank: #6
Record: 4 - 10
Goals per game: 3.7
Points per game: 5.8
Score per game: 16.9
Opponents goals per game: 5.6
Opponents points per game: 9.8
Opponents score per game: 26.7
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Tim Boyll
Goals:  Tim Boyll
Points:  Phil Barszczowski
Blocks:  Dave Maish