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Connor's beats Paddy's to move into next round of the playoffs
On a hot Sunday morning Connor’s Pub and Paddy’s Legal Beagle took to the field.  Both teams were one and one against each other and this tie breaker meant either continuing on for the Quigley Cup or playing for the Shield.

Paddy’s started things off quickly with a point but Connor’s defense lead by Chandler Moody and Patrick Rooney shut down Paddy’s powerful offence.  It did not take long before Connor’s responded and began to score some points of their own. 

The game was close for both halves but in the end Connor’s was able to squeak out more goals...

Wreckers spay, neuter Black Dogs; Bob Barker signals approval.
In a match that mercifully featured a negligible amount of crotch sniffing and leg humping (although this reporter can’t account for what happened at afters), the Black Dogs of Paddy’s Legal Beagle were let off the leash in an attempt to chase the Wreckers of Team Renner’s back to the loss column for the second time this year.

In the earlier meeting between the clubs, Team Snoopy bared their teeth and mauled the hapless Wreckers in a lopsided affair that sent Renner’s back to the garage with more damage than any reasonable person could expect a freaking Beagle to inflict on, well, pretty much anything.  Heading into the second match, the odds still seemed to be in Paddy’s favor:...

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Team Trends
Rank: #5
Record: 6 - 8
Goals per game: 3.4
Points per game: 7.1
Score per game: 17.4
Opponents goals per game: 4.9
Opponents points per game: 6.5
Opponents score per game: 21.3
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Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Andy Hazel
Goals:  Andy Hazel
Points:  Ian Heraty
Blocks:  David Littlejohn