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Flynn’s can’t keep up with Claddagh’s balanced attack
INDIANAPOLIS - Nine players scored for Claddagh Irish Pub as the Indy Hurling League’s top seed cruised into the tournament’s semifinal with a convincing win over the seventh seed, Pat Flynn’s Public House, on July 10. Flynn’s scored first in this one, but once the Claddagh offense got going, it never looked back en route to an 11-13, 2-1 victory. Claddagh moves on to face Connor’s Pub at 10 a.m., July 24, in the Eugene Burns Football Park, with the winner advancing to the finals at noon. Flynn’s will play Renner’s Body Works at 11 a.m. that day for the Shield Championship.  

The start of the 2011 Hurling tournament started right where the regular season left off.  Goose smashed Flynn's, but they did not crush their heart.  By the end of the day Flynn's had the crowd on their side and came away with a big win over Paddy's.  Enough about that, let's get back to the game that you came here to read, Goose vs. Flynn's.

Both teams had a rough start the first five minutes of play.  It was then Nick (the...

Other News
It ends as it began
Claddagh finishes off Flynn’s capping unbeaten regular season

Goose Drops Load on Flynns
Of goals, that is

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Connor's Pours it On
Maroon 20 keeps the statisticians busy

Good Earth outlasts Flynn's
Ladies lead the comeback

Awkward moment ensues when someone mentions that "Flynn's" rhymes with "wins"

Connor's Gets Offensive
Once a defensive giant, the Broadsiders are stepping up their O
Dave Bretzman
Christopher Bungard
Richard Connolly
Neil Conroy
Christopher Cox
Patrick Funk
Cody Hedges
Kyle Keesling
zak kitchell
Steve Lewis
Jennifer Masoni
Mark McCabe
Joe Nierman
Eoghan Reade
Lauren Cormican
Amanda Roche
William Roche
Brogan Sheedy
Meg Sinclair
Nora Thordarson
Patricia VanArsdale
Nick Wilson
Team Trends
Rank: #7
Record: 2 - 14
Goals per game: 2.2
Points per game: 5.9
Score per game: 12.4
Opponents goals per game: 7
Opponents points per game: 9.9
Opponents score per game: 30.9
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Eoghan Reade
Goals:  Eoghan Reade
Points:  Eoghan Reade
Blocks:  zak kitchell
Captains:Christopher Cox