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Good Earth finally figures out Goose
Good Earth had only been swept by one team this season heading into Sunday's Quigley Cup semifinal.  And that team was today's opponent: Goose.

Whatever amount of statistical analysis and pre-game speeches happened for this game, nothing could take the place of well-executed fundamental hurling.  Good Earth jumped out ahead using the advantage of Tristan playing at full-forward, which forced Ciaran Connery to stay put at his position for once.  Six hurlers added to the total for the brown brigade. 

Goose put up their usual great fight.  Breaths were held in the final minute when, down one score, the blue bombers gained possession and looked to be within scoring range.  However, great defense by Good Earth's staunch backs and Joey in goal left them wanting.  ...

Earthlings wrap up season with a win

The UPS man didn't even knock on Sunday when he dumped Renner's like a discarded box of truck parts at a recycling plant, waiting to be melted down into more useful material, eager for the pain of dejection to end.

That is to say, the men and women in brown took it to team Renner's in strong fashion this past week, ending their regular season on an emotionally gratifying win.  Six players scored for the Earthlings, who won the game from the air, dropping in points and occasional goals against guest goalie Mathes seemingly at will.

Renner's fought back with 5 different scorers of their own...

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Rank: #2
Record: 9 - 5 - 1
Goals per game: 3.9
Points per game: 9.3
Score per game: 20.9
Opponents goals per game: 3.1
Opponents points per game: 6.8
Opponents score per game: 16.2
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