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 0 > Claddagh Irish Pub (14 - 0 - 1)
Flynn’s can’t keep up with Claddagh’s balanced attack
INDIANAPOLIS - Nine players scored for Claddagh Irish Pub as the Indy Hurling League’s top seed cruised into the tournament’s semifinal with a convincing win over the seventh seed, Pat Flynn’s Public House, on July 10. Flynn’s scored first in this one, but once the Claddagh offense got going, it never looked back en route to an 11-13, 2-1 victory. Claddagh moves on to face Connor’s Pub at 10 a.m., July 24, in the Eugene Burns Football Park, with the winner advancing to the finals at noon. Flynn’s will play Renner’s Body Works at 11 a.m. that day for the Shield Championship.  

Claddagh finishes off Flynn’s capping unbeaten regular season
INDIANAPOLIS – Claddagh Irish Pub finishes the regular season the same way it started, with a convincing win over Pat Flynn’s Public House. The Orange Crush had seven different players score en route to a 12-9, 1-6 win over the Lean Green.

The win capped off an unbeaten regular season for Claddagh while Flynn’s assumed the dubious distinction of finishing the schedule without a victory… so far... In a change from previous years...

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Alison Beumer
Ryan bodine
Tim Cabeen
Joshua Crabtree
Robert Faenzi
Andrew Hambrick
Orla Hart
Crissy Higgins
Paul Kennedy
Todd Klemp
Duncan McCabe
Jody Peacock
Susan Beaurain
Nick Price
Chris Rosiello
Todd Scrime
Ryan Shrum
Tania Heath
Woody White
Team Trends
Rank: #1
Record: 14 - 0 - 1
Goals per game: 7.7
Points per game: 10.9
Score per game: 33.9
Opponents goals per game: 2.7
Opponents points per game: 5.3
Opponents score per game: 13.3
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Jody Peacock
Goals:  Jody Peacock
Points:  Duncan McCabe
Blocks:  Todd Klemp