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 0 > Brockway Public House (3 - 9)
Brockway can’t spoil Claddagh’s appetite for a championship
INDIANAPOLIS – Brockway Public House looked to play the role of spoiler against league leaders Claddagh Irish Pub on Sunday, July 18, at Riverside Park. But like a well-seasoned Duck a l’Orange, Claddagh’s Orange Crush found another recipe for success with a tasty 6-10, 6-3 win over the All Blacks.


Indianapolis Vuvuzela Philharmonic Angered By Hurling Matches Breaking Out During Concerts
The Evil Empire were struck down quickly by the Jedi in green.
Attendance worries plague both teams leaders the night before due to ahot Saturday match in Chicago. Especially for Pat Flynn's who faced the double header on Sunday. However, Pat Flynn's quickly alleviated those fears as the entire squad plus subs showed up and seemed eager to win this match. Brockway and Pat Flynn's were both tied for last place,however with only 2 wins separating first and last place, the "Stephen Quigley Cup" is still up in the air...
Other News
Goose Strafes Brockway

Episode II: Attack of the Cones
Claddagh blows up Brockway in blockbuster sequel

Sunny With 100% Chance of Purple Reign
“Evil empire” falls further down as “reigning champs” rise up

Brockway Goosed
Least said, soonest mended.

Brockway 4-13, Connor's 4-8
Brockway Bounces Back By Beating Broadsiders

Green Machine

Team Goose Takes Flight
Alyssa Boardman
Brian Church
Mike Dollinger
Emily Gettinger
Rob Harrington
Andy Hazel
Ian Heraty
Ray Keener
Katherine Kendrick
David Littlejohn
Peter Mackey
Brian Mathes
Patrick Rooney
Buck Shomo
Sam Westmoreland
Team Trends
Rank: #5
Record: 3 - 9
Goals per game: 3.6
Points per game: 6.1
Score per game: 16.8
Opponents goals per game: 5.7
Opponents points per game: 12.2
Opponents score per game: 29.2
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Brian Church
Goals:  Brian Church
Points:  Ian Heraty
Blocks:  David Littlejohn
Captains:Andy Hazel