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 0 > Pat Flynn's (5 - 4)
How great a game was it? Here's how:
After their win on Sunday, Aug 9, the Newbies of Pat Flynn's were able to check the following off their to-do list:

  • get back to a .500 record.
  • sweep the season against Goose the Market. 
  • entertain dozens of BBQ-ing onlookers with some of the most dazzling hurling moves ever seen in Indiana.
  • wear Kelly green in public as a group.
Broadsiders control their own destiny; Brockway out of championship contention
It was a glorious day for Hurling when Brockway Public House lined up against Connor's Pub.  The game was explosive and well played by both teams battling in the penultimate game of the season.  The pitch was in fine condition with hot and humid weather.  The smell of Bar-B-Q wafting over from the peewee football league added to the tension in the air. 

Brockway came out strong with Richard Connolly scoring a goal and three points on the game....

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Connor's v Pat Flynn's
Week 4
Peter Baird
Phil Barszczowski
Bethany Boardman
Drew Calvert
Colin Conlon
Christopher Cox
Robert Finley
Kyle Griffith
Andrew Hambrick
Dan Lowery
Peter Mackey
Dave Maish
Jordan Novick
Jonathan Tobin
Team Trends
Rank: #2
Record: 5 - 4
Goals per game: 5.8
Points per game: 7.9
Score per game: 25.2
Opponents goals per game: 3.3
Opponents points per game: 8.7
Opponents score per game: 18.7
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Kyle Griffith
Goals:  Kyle Griffith
Points:  Andrew Hambrick
Blocks:  Jonathan Tobin
Captains:Christopher Cox