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Broadsiders win 2009 league championship trophy
On a scorching day under the Indiana sun on the championship pitch of Lake Sullivan, Connor's claimed the 2009 Indy League title after ending with sides even against Goose the Market.

The Quarrymen came out with point after point against Connor's, a team that has had a propensity since the first game of the season to come alive only after 15 minutes of play.  Had it not been for the numerous wides of Goose, the game may have been far too out of reach for the Broadsiders.  Additionally, a glorious goal by Connor's unsung hero, Woody White, boosted the morale of the Grey...

Broadsiders control their own destiny; Brockway out of championship contention
It was a glorious day for Hurling when Brockway Public House lined up against Connor's Pub.  The game was explosive and well played by both teams battling in the penultimate game of the season.  The pitch was in fine condition with hot and humid weather.  The smell of Bar-B-Q wafting over from the peewee football league added to the tension in the air. 

Brockway came out strong with Richard Connolly scoring a goal and three points on the game....

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Week 4
Alyssa Boardman
Richard Connolly
John Flynn
Matthew Glasheen
Katie Goodrich
Mike Green
Rob Harrington
Andy Hazel
Ian Heraty
Tim Lilla
David Littlejohn
Brian Mathes
Mike Monaghan
Nate Roberts
Anthony Somens
Team Trends
Rank: #4
Record: 3 - 6
Goals per game: 3.3
Points per game: 6.6
Score per game: 16.6
Opponents goals per game: 4.6
Opponents points per game: 10.1
Opponents score per game: 23.8
Fixtures & Results
Statistical Leaders
Scoring:  Mike Monaghan
Goals:  Andy Hazel
Points:  Ian Heraty
Blocks:  Brian Mathes
Captains:Andy Hazel