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2016 Summer Hurling League > League Schedule
DateTimeTeam 1Team 2OfficialsLocationResult
4/10/201610:00 AM Wilks / Tango  Daredevils  HealthSolutions Field 1Box Score
4/10/201610:00 AM Triton  Smoking Iron  Bent Rail Field 2Smoking Iron 3-9 over Triton 0-5
4/10/201611:00 AM Renner's  HealthSolutions  Daredevils Field 1Box Score
4/10/201611:00 AM Langton's  Bent Rail  Smoking Iron Field 2Box Score
4/10/201612:00 PM 9 Irish  Connor's  Renner's Field 1Box Score
4/10/201612:00 PM Wilks / Tango  Triton  Langton's Field 2Box Score
4/17/201610:00 AM Smoking Iron  Bent Rail  Connor's Field 1Box Score
4/17/201610:00 AM 9 Irish  Daredevils  Langton's Field 2Box Score
4/17/201611:00 AM Wilks / Tango  Connor's  Bent Rail Field 1Box Score
4/17/201611:00 AM Renner's  Langton's  Daredevils Field 2Box Score
4/17/201612:00 PM Triton  HealthSolutions  Wilks / Tango Field 1Box Score
4/17/201612:00 PM 9 Irish  Smoking Iron  Renner's Field 2Box Score
4/24/201610:00 AM Renner's  Wilks / Tango  Connor's Field 1Box Score
4/24/201610:00 AM 9 Irish  Bent Rail  Langton's Field 2Box Score
4/24/201611:00 AM Smoking Iron  Connor's  Wilks / Tango Field 1Box Score
4/24/201611:00 AM Triton  Langton's  9 Irish Field 2Box Score
4/24/201612:00 PM HealthSolutions  Daredevils  Smoking Iron Field 1Box Score
4/24/201612:00 PM Bent Rail  Renner's  Triton Field 2Box Score
5/1/201610:00 AM Connor's  Triton  Daredevils Field 1Box Score
5/1/201610:00 AM Renner's  HealthSolutions  9 Irish Field 2Box Score
5/1/201611:00 AM Bent Rail  Daredevils  Triton Field 1Box Score
5/1/201611:00 AM 9 Irish  Wilks / Tango  Smoking Iron Field 2Box Score
5/1/201612:00 PM Smoking Iron  Langton's  Bent Rail Field 1Box Score
5/1/201612:00 PM Connor's  HealthSolutions  Wilks / Tango Field 2Box Score
5/8/201610:00 AM Triton  Daredevils  Wilks / Tango Field 1Box Score
5/8/201610:00 AM Bent Rail  Langton's  HealthSolutions Field 2Box Score
5/8/201611:00 AM Connor's  Wilks / Tango  Smoking Iron Field 1Box Score
5/8/201611:00 AM 9 Irish  HealthSolutions  Bent Rail Field 2Box Score
5/8/201612:00 PM Smoking Iron  Renner's  Connor's Field 1Box Score
5/8/201612:00 PM Daredevils  Langton's  9 Irish Field 2Box Score
5/22/201610:00 AM Wilks / Tango  Smoking Iron  HealthSolutions Field 1Box Score
5/22/201610:00 AM Langton's  Renner's  9 Irish Field 2Box Score
5/22/201611:00 AM HealthSolutions  Triton  Connor's Field 1Box Score
5/22/201611:00 AM Daredevils  9 Irish  Langton's Field 2Box Score
5/22/201612:00 PM Connor's  Bent Rail  Triton Field 1Box Score
5/22/201612:00 PM Renner's  Wilks / Tango  Daredevils Field 2Box Score
6/5/201610:00 AM Triton  Langton's  Renner's Field 1Box Score
6/5/201610:00 AM Wilks / Tango  HealthSolutions  Connor's Field 2Box Score
6/5/201611:00 AM Daredevils  Renner's  Triton Field 1Box Score
6/5/201611:00 AM Connor's  Smoking Iron  Wilks / Tango Field 2Box Score
6/5/201612:00 PM Bent Rail  9 Irish  Daredevils Field 1Box Score
6/5/201612:00 PM HealthSolutions  Langton's  Smoking Iron Field 2Box Score
6/12/201610:00 AM Daredevils  Connor's  Renner's Field 1Box Score
6/12/201610:00 AM HealthSolutions  Smoking Iron  Langton's Field 2Box Score
6/12/201611:00 AM Triton  Renner's  Bent Rail Field 1Box Score
6/12/201611:00 AM Langton's  9 Irish  HealthSolutions Field 2Box Score
6/12/201612:00 PM Wilks / Tango  Bent Rail  Triton Field 1Box Score
6/12/201612:00 PM Smoking Iron  Daredevils  9 Irish Field 2Box Score
6/26/201610:00 AM Langton's  Connor's  Smoking Iron Field 1Box Score
6/26/201610:00 AM Renner's  9 Irish  Bent Rail Field 2Preview
6/26/201611:00 AM Smoking Iron  Triton  Langton's Field 1Box Score
6/26/201611:00 AM HealthSolutions  Bent Rail  Renner's Field 2Preview
6/26/201612:00 PM Wilks / Tango  Daredevils  Triton Field 1Box Score
6/26/201612:00 PM 9 Irish  Connor's  HealthSolutions Field 2Preview
7/10/201610:00 AM Smoking Iron  Bent Rail  Renner's Field 1Box Score
7/10/201610:00 AM Triton  9 Irish  Daredevils Field 2Box Score
7/10/201611:00 AM Renner's  Connor's  Wilks / Tango Field 1Box Score
7/10/201611:00 AM HealthSolutions  Daredevils  9 Irish Field 2Box Score
7/10/201612:00 PM Langton's  Wilks / Tango  Connor's Field 1Box Score
7/10/201612:00 PM Bent Rail  Triton  HealthSolutions Field 2Box Score

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