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2014 Summer Hurling League > League Schedule
DateTimeTeam 1Team 2OfficialsLocationResult
4/6/201410:00 AM Claddagh  2Gingers  Connor's Eugene Burns A2Gingers 5-6 over Claddagh 4-5
4/6/201410:00 AM Pogues  HealthSource  Upland Eugene Burns BBox Score
4/6/201411:00 AM Good Earth  Connor's  Claddagh Eugene Burns AGood Earth 6-9 over Connor's 1-6
4/6/201411:00 AM Upland  Renner's  Pogues Eugene Burns BRenner's 3-12 over Upland 4-3
4/13/201410:00 AM Good Earth  Upland  Connor's Eugene Burns AGood Earth 2-9 ties Upland 3-6
4/13/201410:00 AM Renner's  Pogues  2Gingers Eugene Burns BRenner's 1-14 over Pogues 0-9
4/13/201411:00 AM Connor's  Claddagh  Good Earth Eugene Burns AConnor's 5-9 over Claddagh 1-6
4/13/201411:00 AM 2Gingers  HealthSource  Pogues Eugene Burns B2Gingers 7-7 ties HealthSource 5-13
4/27/201410:00 AM HealthSource  Connor's  Good Earth Eugene Burns AConnor's 3-9 over HealthSource 3-5
4/27/201410:00 AM 2Gingers  Renner's  Pogues Eugene Burns B2Gingers 5-8 over Renner's 1-4
4/27/201411:00 AM Claddagh  Good Earth  Connor's Eugene Burns ACladdagh 3-13 over Good Earth 2-8
4/27/201411:00 AM Upland  Pogues  2Gingers Eugene Burns BBox Score
5/4/201410:00 AM Claddagh  Upland  Good Earth Eugene Burns ABox Score
5/4/201410:00 AM Pogues  2Gingers  Connor's Eugene Burns BBox Score
5/4/201411:00 AM HealthSource  Good Earth  Upland Eugene Burns ABox Score
5/4/201411:00 AM Connor's  Renner's  Pogues Eugene Burns BConnor's 2-13 over Renner's 2-9
5/11/201410:00 AM Renner's  Good Earth  HealthSource Eugene Burns ARenner's 6-4 over Good Earth 3-9
5/11/201410:00 AM Connor's  Pogues  2Gingers Eugene Burns BConnor's 1-17 over Pogues 2-12
5/11/201411:00 AM HealthSource  Claddagh  Renner's Eugene Burns AHealthSource 2-13 over Claddagh 3-2
5/11/201411:00 AM Upland  2Gingers  Connor's Eugene Burns BBox Score
5/18/201410:00 AM HealthSource  Upland  Renner's Eugene Burns AHealthSource 4-12 over Upland 2-14
5/18/201410:00 AM 2Gingers  Connor's  Good Earth Eugene Burns BConnor's 3-14 over 2Gingers 3-9
5/18/201411:00 AM Renner's  Claddagh  HealthSource Eugene Burns ABox Score
5/18/201411:00 AM Good Earth  Pogues  2Gingers Eugene Burns BBox Score
6/1/201410:00 AM Pogues  Claddagh  Renner's Eugene Burns ABox Score
6/1/201410:00 AM Good Earth  2Gingers  Upland Eugene Burns BBox Score
6/1/201411:00 AM Renner's  HealthSource  Pogues Eugene Burns AHealthSource 5-16 over Renner's 2-9
6/1/201411:00 AM Upland  Connor's  2Gingers Eugene Burns BConnor's 7-11 over Upland 5-13
6/8/201410:00 AM Renner's  Upland  HealthSource Eugene Burns AUpland 5-10 over Renner's 3-6
6/8/201410:00 AM Connor's  Good Earth  Claddagh Eugene Burns BBox Score
6/8/201411:00 AM Pogues  HealthSource  Upland Eugene Burns ABox Score
6/8/201411:00 AM Claddagh  2Gingers  Good Earth Eugene Burns B2Gingers 5-16 over Claddagh 3-12
6/15/201410:00 AM 2Gingers  HealthSource  Renner's Eugene Burns A2Gingers 5-14 over HealthSource 1-9
6/15/201410:00 AM Claddagh  Connor's  Upland Eugene Burns BConnor's 8-15 over Claddagh 3-4
6/15/201411:00 AM Pogues  Renner's  2Gingers Eugene Burns ABox Score
6/15/201411:00 AM Upland  Good Earth  Claddagh Eugene Burns BBox Score
6/22/20149:30 AM Pogues  Upland  Renner's Eugene Burns ABox Score
6/22/20149:30 AM Good Earth  Claddagh  HealthSource Eugene Burns BBox Score
6/22/201410:30 AM 2Gingers  Renner's  Pogues Eugene Burns ABox Score
6/22/201410:30 AM HealthSource  Connor's  Claddagh Eugene Burns BConnor's 3-20 over HealthSource 2-7
6/29/201410:00 AM Connor's  Renner's  Upland Eugene Burns AConnor's 7-18 over Renner's 2-13
6/29/201410:00 AM HealthSource  Good Earth  Claddagh Eugene Burns BBox Score
6/29/201411:00 AM 2Gingers  Pogues  Connor's Eugene Burns ABox Score
6/29/201411:00 AM Upland  Claddagh  HealthSource Eugene Burns BBox Score
7/6/201410:00 AM 2Gingers  Upland  Renner's Eugene Burns ABox Score
7/6/201410:00 AM Claddagh  HealthSource  Good Earth Eugene Burns BBox Score
7/6/201411:00 AM Connor's  Pogues  Claddagh Eugene Burns ABox Score
7/6/201411:00 AM Renner's  Good Earth  HealthSource Eugene Burns BBox Score

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