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And Prove Too Much to Handle for Renner's Body Works
After a long season, Connor's Pub took the field with one goal in mind:  win today and the top seed is theirs.  The challenge in front of them was the Red Monster Renner's squad, led by Stephen Cox and James Cody.  Both teams knew that nothing would be easy on this day.  

Connor's broke huddle after another inspiring speech by their captain and took the field.  Starting off with an extra defender...
Connor's defeats HealthSource
Hoping to extend its streak of 5 weeks atop the Indy rankings,Connor's came out Sunday claiming that maroon and lime green can be crowned as easily as the royal blue that carried off the trophy last year. After cruising to a victory over the reincarnation of last year's champion Black Swan team, only a few fools were left with any doubt.*


Gingers Edge HealthSource In Tie Rematch
It was a beautiful Father’s Day Sunday for this rematch fromearlier in the year that left a bad taste in both teams mouths, as it ended in a tie.

In true 2 Ginger's fashion this one would include scoring - and lots of it. Old timer Jeremy Fagan would find it in his old bones to score 2 goals and 4 points- leading the...

By Defeating Claddagh
What a difference a year makes!  This time last year, Connor's had just begun a run of games to move up from the bottom of the table in time for playoffs.  One year later, Connor's was battling Claddagh to maintain their hold on the top seed with only four weeks until playoffs.  

After missing a week for injury, Connor's co-captain Dave Riordan surprised the other co-captain by strapping the helmet on and got ready to jump on the field...
Short On Players- Gingers Pull Off A Win
Let me just preface by saying there were a lot of people missingin this one; must have been something in the air. Claddagh was without super-mid Duncan McCabe and the Gingers were without Cody Hedges, Jeremy Fagan, and the freshly injured Kyle Griffith(1).

It was a rough outing for both teams in this one as the game was played 10 v 10...

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Connor's defeats 2 Gingers in game of the year!

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Turn Down for What?
HealthSource vs. Claddagh

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Connor’s Escapes with the Win