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Connor's moves on the Shield Final

On a fairly cool and sunny Sunday day, two historic teams lined up on the field.  Claddagh had suffered a loss against the 2 year running Champion Runner-up Good Earth earlier that day.  Connor's had lost in heartbreaking fashion as another round of the injury bug cut an intense game against 2012 Champions, Black Swan, a little short.  Neither teams were ready to end their season and neither teams were ready to back down from the other. 

On the line...

Dear Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association,

          I am writing you today in regards to the triumphant spectacle of hurling that was displayed one Sunday morning of last week, or this week if you're looking at a calendar. Two funky fresh and righteously right on teams took to the pitch in what will no doubt go down as one of the greatest matches ever played in the United States on that day at 11:00 a.m. at Eugene Burns park.....
Recaptures "Old Firm" Honors
I know, I know, neither Good Earth or Hjalti had anything to do with this game, but since I'm writing this story, I wanted to highlight the proper way to "Protect the Goods" when you're in front a free. 

After a long morning of standing around, Connor's finally got to play a match.  With a late change to the schedule, Connor's players had arrived at 8:30am to setup and officiate an intense camogie match.  Connor's then had time to lay around...

They* say colors can invoke certain emotions. So if you believe that kind of thing (and if you don't just roll with it, no reason to be all stuck up about it) the red Renner's jerseys embody rage and the orange Claddagh jersey... nervousness/anxiousness. So you scramble that together and you have some kind of awkward nervous, angry emotion that can be summed up in one character: ?. Don't understand what I'm talking about? Me either, but it sounds pretty "Pai Mei" right?
Black Swan turns left, sends Healthsource off
Sunday’s match between Black Swan and Healthsource was more than an hour of the world’s finest hurling – it was a story of innocence and wonder, of harmony and love of sport – but also of struggle, conflict, and pain - and ultimately, valiant achievement.  

But not for Healthsource.  Healthsource got their a** kicked.

From the Swans’ perspective, the match was a brilliant demonstration of the value of team play...
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Flynn's Squeaks Past Healthsource
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What just happened?

Flynn's Over Black Swan
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