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Connor's Ends Brockway's Chances
Brockway Public House 2 - 8
Connor's Pub 2 - 13 (Winner)

Broadsiders control their own destiny; Brockway out of championship contention
It was a glorious day for Hurling when Brockway Public House lined up against Connor's Pub.  The game was explosive and well played by both teams battling in the penultimate game of the season.  The pitch was in fine condition with hot and humid weather.  The smell of Bar-B-Q wafting over from the peewee football league added to the tension in the air. 

Brockway came out strong with Richard Connolly scoring a goal and three points on the game.  Brockway made it clear they were out to play hard with Forward Andy Hazel scoring a great goal and adding a point.  Connor's fought back and tried to stop the onslaught of points coming from Ian Heraty.  Rudy blocked Ian once, but revenge was sour when his stick was shattered.  After some strong defensive stops by Nate Roberts and Brian Mathes Brockway went ahaead to take the lead at halftime. 

The second half turned out to be a nail-biter with the game going down to the line with 2 minutes to go and Brockway up by 2. Connor's squeeked by with some fine defensive play from Louie Landman, Jim Kelly, Brien Shoemaker, and Joe Landman in the backfield.  It was a Brogan Sheedy goal at the end though that put the boys in gray on top.  Charles Anderson topped it off with a nice point and Tim Boyll added an impressive goal and three points. 

David Littlejohn played through an injury and helped with a point and assist.  This was Katie Goodrich's last game for the Carmel Brockway, and she left all her feistiness on the field. After the game, chairman Brian Mathes told his people he was "demoralized at the loss."  Senior player Mike Monaghan also had some choice praise for the Connor's team. The game had major implications on the season, with Connor's moving ahead in the league by one game and Brockway falling back a game.  The pub league will come down to the last game of the season as it did last year.  Smart money will be on Connor's. 

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Alyssa Boardman                            
Richard Connolly1         3                
John Flynn                            
Matthew Glasheen                            
Katie Goodrich                            
Rob Harrington                            
Andy Hazel1         1                
Ian Heraty           3                
David Littlejohn           1                
Brian Mathes                            
Mike Monaghan                            
Nate Roberts                            
Anthony Somens                            

Charles Anderson           1                
Tim Boyll1         3         2      
Brian Church                            
Ryan Irving                     1      
Jim Kelly           1         2      
Jose Hombre De Tierra                            
Louis Landman                            
Rudy Nehrling           4         6      
Brogan Sheedy1         2         1      
Brien Shoemaker