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The first match of the season between Langton’s Irish Pub and Smoking Iron Alterations promised to be as intriguing as Langton’s popular Fish and Chips ($15.99 daily, $10 on Mondays), but proved to be as cold as Langton’s Irish Red by Flat 12 draft ($4.95 daily, $4 on Mondays).

Both teams came out as sharp as the pleats on the outfits Mike Dollinger designs each day at Smoking Iron Alterations (6507 Ferguson St, Ste B1, Broad Ripple), as the defenses set the tone for the first 90 seconds, but Langton’s decided to emulate the Combo Platter ($18.99 daily) and became everything all at once, dominating on both sides of the ball.

The offense for Langton’s maintained possession for a majority of the first half and looked almost as delicious as the Bangers and Mash ($14.99) while building up a relatively tight 12 point lead on a Smoking Iron team that was as short-armed as the Hobbit tuxedo Dollinger has been offering to produce for any interested LOTR fans.

To begin the second half, Langton’s decided to go all Turkey Carver Sandwich ($11.99) on the Smoking Iron defense, continually adding more and more offensive hot sauce (Pub Wings $9.99), with the Caramel Apple Cheesecake Twins Lil B and Ty ($5.99), Kovermyer, Matty Matt, and the Timmys loading up on points much in the same manner their sponsor does with the country-style sausage gravy in their yummy Biscuits & Gravy ($9.99 weekend brunch).

With DLj, Joe Wit, Mr. McCabe, 2nd Lieutenant Kemp, Pauly J, and Brian "Banana French Toast" Mathes ($9.99) ganging up on the Smoking Iron offense, the Smoked Irons were only able to manage a vegan-like 3-6 score, led by the appropriately named Tailor Howenstine and Big Daddy Kercheval. With their big second half, Langton's Corn Beef and Cabbaged ($14.99) their way to a 9-16 point total.

Langton’s win upped their record to 3-1 ($7.99 Clam Chowder in Potato Rosemary Bread Bowl) while Smoking Iron Alterations fell to a custom-tailored 3-2.

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